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Be prepared this Halloween with the right beauty products

by timetospa October 17, 2012
Be prepared this Halloween with the right beauty products

Ghosts, goblins and witches galore will run amuck in the streets surrounding your home come Halloween, and if you're in the mood to celebrate this festive holiday, you've probably planned out a frightfully fun costume for the night that's sure to cast a spell over your friends and family alike!

While many men and women may be inclined to use face paint to capture the glamorously ghoulish side of their costumes, if you don't want to look positively a-fright on Halloween, there are a few must-have beauty products you'll need in your bag of tricks, no matter what kind of creature of the night you've decided to dress up as!

To enhance your face's finest attributes and really be a scream, definitely go for makeup products like Laboratoire Remede Soft Focusing Lotion, which contains light-diffusing soft focus powders.

Most of all, it's important to invest in a quality cosmetics remover. Most get-ups just wouldn't be complete without dramatic eye makeup, especially if you're dressed up as a vampire, witch or other vixen-like persona. With something like Bliss Lid Lash Wash, you can scrub away even the toughest mascara and eyeliner without any problems, ensuring that come the morning after Halloween, you won't look like the walking dead! 



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