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How to make lipstick last all night

by timetospa October 19, 2012
How to make lipstick last all night

There's nothing sexier than a bright, beautiful pout - but lipstick has a tendency to wear off quickly when you're chatting, eating and drinking. If your want your colorful grin to last throughout a busy night with friends, you'll need the right beauty products.

Lip color stays put on healthy lips, which means a chapped smile won't hold those pretty pinks and reds for long. To make sure your pout is perfect, try a product like Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. This unique and delicious product will scrub away dead, dull skin, revealing a prettier smile even before you apply a single dot of color.

As with other types of makeup, lipstick becomes more durable when it's applied on top of a primer. A couple swipes of lip primer before applying the rest of your makeup will prep your pout for your favorite cosmetics.

Finally, seal your gorgeous grin with a topcoat of clear gloss. Not only will gloss help your color pop, it'll also make sure no amount of laughing, snacking and sipping can steal your shine.

Whether you're after sexy reds, pretty pinks or bold darks, your lip color will last when you take good care of your pout.


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