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How can men reduce the risk for ingrown hairs?

by timetospa October 22, 2012
How can men reduce the risk for ingrown hairs?

For many men, shaving can feel like a terrible chore, but a worthwhile one if the lady in their life enjoys the feel of smooth, hair-free skin. Even with the best men's products, problems like ingrown hairs can sprout up all the time, threatening the look and allure of going without a beard during the cooler months of the year.

Products like Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads can help invigorate skin and prevent the outbreak of ingrown hairs. Enriched by antioxidants, along with alpha and beta hydroxy acids that can tackle a range of skincare woes, these pads are a great way to combat this annoying problem!

Another way to treat ingrown hairs is to readjust shaving techniques. Many dermatologists recommend using an electric shaver, as these devices don't cut as closely to skin as a blade may. TheDailyGlow.com recommends heating skin with a hot towel or in the shower before using a razor, as this can exfoliate and stimulate the the erector pili, a muscle found in the skin.

Using shaving gel before shaving and a moisturizing after-shave containing glycolic acid can also be a great way to reduce ingrown hairs.


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