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Go crazy for gingham nails with CND

by timetospa October 23, 2012
Go crazy for gingham nails with CND

The world may be going crazy for Gangnam Style, the hit single from Korean rapper Psy, but for women who relish being on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty trends, the real craze is over another style entirely - gingham.

You don't have to be country to channel this down-home, ultra-cute look with beauty products for your nails. To master this style - and to instantly grab the attention of friends, coworkers and handsome strangers alike - start out by painting with nail products like CND Nail Colour - Whites in Brilliant White. 

This flawless and alluring color will provide the perfect backdrop for your gingham print, which is the best part of the process!

Mastering your gingham print may seem difficult, but according to The Beauty Department, all you need is a little tape and some imagination! After grabbing tape and painting it with accent polish, like CND Nail Colour - Bolds in Anchor Blue, cut this into thin strips and plan on using about six to 10 strips per finger.

To get the most out of your pattern, lay three to five strips horizontally on your nail, then apply the rest vertically. A quick-drying top coat like CND Air Dry Top Coat can protect your exquisite gingham style print and ensure that your digits will look beautiful for days to come!


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