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How to reduce cellulite with a body brush

by timetospa October 30, 2012
How to reduce cellulite with a body brush

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could brush away your skin's unseemly blemishes with just the flick of a wrist? While it may seem completely impossible, when it comes to the embarrassing dimples caused by cellulite, you can do all this and more!

If there's one thing all women can agree on, it's that cellulite is the worst beauty problem around. Caused by a buildup of toxic waste in the body, cellulite - or fatty deposits - are stored in the thigh and posterior regions of the physique, because circulation is slow there.

Hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and lifestyle habits can contribute to the formulation formation of cellulite, which causes embarrassing ripples that can cut across sensitive flesh and settle permanently in bikini zones.

However, with a body brushing brush like Elemis Spa At Home Body Brush, which is made with natural cactus bristles, you can stimulate circulation and boost metabolism - both key in your efforts to reduce cellulite! Best of all, a body brush can help slough away dead skin cells, revealing your lustrous complexion and softening it up immensely.

With a luxurious beauty treatment like this at your disposal, you can forget about visiting a salon or spa - you can get a spa treatment right at home!


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