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Two simple steps for a fabulous at-home facial

by timetospa November 6, 2012
Two simple steps for a fabulous at-home facial

It seems like an effective facial would involve a lot of different steps and even more products. After all, your skin may have more than one concern, whether it's fine lines, dryness, oiliness or redness. While there are luxury spa products and various treatment methods to address every one of your complexion's issues, for a weekly at-home facial to leave your skin clean and glowing, you only need two steps.

1. Exfoliate. Once a week (or more if your skin isn't too sensitive), use a facial scrub like Elemis Skin Buff. This will get rid of old, dead skin cells that are dulling your complexion while you cleanse your pores and soothe your skin. Rub it on damp skin in gentle, upward circular motions, which will boost circulation and provide added lift. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2. Treat with a mask. A spa facial mask is the perfect follow-up to a good exfoliation session. Now that your face is clean and clear, your skin will be better able to absorb the nutrients in the mask. You can find one to treat any of your issues, from sensitivity to excess shine. For example, the Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask uses fruit extracts to deliver vitamins and minerals to your visage for a youthful, glowing complexion. It's perfect for days when your skin could use an energy boost!


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