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What are your skin woes telling you about your health?

by timetospa November 14, 2012
What are your skin woes telling you about your health?

Those zits and patches of dry skin may be annoying, but they could also mean your skin is trying to tell you something. That is, according to the ancient Chinese medicine practice of face mapping.

This technique is now used by a growing number of dermatologists to essentially heal your skin from the inside out. Here's what your acne has been trying to tell you - and what you should do about it.

Forehead and upper jawline: This area is connected to the bladder, kidneys and digestive system. If you're breaking out here, more water and healthier food may be the key to better skin. Everyday Glow reports kidneys (and the whole digestive system) are responsible for detoxifying the body, and one way to help them filter the waste out of your blood is to stop taking in so much waste! Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Brow: If you tend to break out between your eyebrows, it might be because your liver is working overtime. Try cutting back on alcohol, heavy food or dairy, Glamour Magazine recommends. In the meantime, a spot treatment like Bliss No Zit Sherlock Spot Treatment. This skin care product will also help fade post-pimple pigmentation and even your skin tone.

Cheeks: Do you smoke or have allergies? Those who do tend to have breakouts on their cheeks. Quitting and treating your allergies may heal these pesky pimples.

Jawline: Zits along the jawline are common for women - that's because they are linked to hormones! Breakouts in this area can indicate when you are ovulating and on which side. They are also linked to stress hormones. You may be able to temper these fluctuations with dark leafy greens, but if they don't go away, ask your doctor about the possibility of a hormonal imbalance, Glamour recommends. Also, pay attention to how much you touch your face! Resting your head on your hand and holding your phone up to your face can spread zit-causing bacteria.

Eyes: It's not just acne that can give you health clues. Dark bags under your eyes are linked to your kidney health and usually mean you're dehydrated. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere to rehydrate, and rejuvenate the skin topically with an eye-brightening mask like Elemis Absolute Eye Mask. This product will minimize dark circles under your eyes while firming and moisturizing the skin to diminish eye wrinkles.


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