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Why are my nails yellow from nail polish?

by timetospa November 19, 2012
Why are my nails yellow from nail polish?

If you were recently rocking one of the ever-so-trendy autumn nail polish colors like chocolate, raisin, oxblood or another dark hue, you might notice an unfortunate after-effect once you take the polish off. It is common for these polishes (as well as reds) to stain the nails with an unattractive yellow stain. What to do?

This is a common, harmless beauty issue that is caused by the dark pigments in these beauty products - the same ones that make the polish colors so gorgeous to begin with. Fortunately, if you want to go au naturale after your fall manicure, the yellowing issue can be easily solved at home.

Cosmopolitan magazine recommends pouring three capfuls of hydrogen peroxide into one-third cup of water. After soaking your fingers in this solution for two minutes, dip an old toothbrush in and brush each nail bed to get off any residual yellow.

To prevent this in the future, always wear a base coat before polishing with gorgeous trendy shades like CND Nail Color - Browns or Reds. Bonus: your manicure will last longer!


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