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Giving a helping hand to your most used and abused body part

by timetospa November 20, 2012
Giving a helping hand to your most used and abused body part

You may already examine every last line and wrinkle that you see on your face, but what about your hands? Our hands are exposed to UVA and UVB rays from the sun, cold winds, chemicals and harsh antibacterial soaps - causing them to age even faster than skin on your face, according to Real Simple Magazine. Fortunately, there are some ways to give your hands a little TLC.

Wash the right way
Everyone knows how important it is to wash your hands - especially in the winter months when nasty cold and flu bugs are going around. However, soap with detergents can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and flaky - it might even crack. To prevent this, lather up with a nourishing product like Elemis Spa At Home Wild Lavender Hand Wash, which has lavender essential oil, olive, marigold and carrot in a creamy soy, wheat and mild protein base to leave hands soft, moisturized and clean. Real Simple also recommends using tepid water when washing, since hot can be drying.
Check the label of your moisturizer
Applying and re-applying hand lotion is good, but check the label to make sure you're slathering on the right ingredients for your skin. According to the Discovery Channel, water-based lotions will evaporate on the skin's surface, making it dry all over again, while oil-based creams are thicker, longer lasting and may provide better nourishment to your skin. Toss a lotion like Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream in your bag next time you head out. This cream contains macadamia oil and grape seed extract to lock in moisture for soft hands and cuticles.

Other creams even provide anti-aging benefits to fight age spots, sun damage and thin skin on the nails. Look for a product with antioxidants and natural hydrating extracts. Elemis Spa At Home Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream is an anti aging skin cream that contains malachite, a semi-precious mineral rich in copper. This acts as a protective layer to prevent the acceleration of aging and replaces lost minerals in the skin. This cream also contains Padina Pavonica, a collagen-boosting marine extract that will make skin more firm and supple.

Last but not least - protect them! Wear gloves when cleaning or using harsh chemicals, and bundle up before you go out in the cold!


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