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Movember can last stylishly into December with proper care

by timetospa November 27, 2012
Movember can last stylishly into December with proper care

Has your guy been celebrating Movember by growing out a mustache or other facial hair to raise awareness of men's health issues? The cause, supporting prostate and testicular cancer initiatives, is noble, but if your man isn't grooming his facial hair well, his upper-lip experiment can end as an unsightly disaster.

There are some simple techniques to keep a mustache, beard or other facial scruff looking sexy and stylish while keeping your guy's skin healthy. You might both love the look so much he decides to keep it through December!

Have the right tools
As with any job, having the right tools is crucial to growing an attractive beard or other facial hair. HypeBeast.com recommends having a reliable electric trimmer, a comb, facial scrub and a moisturizer. As the hair grows, it may be itchy at first, but applying lotion like Elemis S.O.S. Survival Cream should combat the initial itch, which will fade over time.

Trim well, trim often
Beards and mustaches will be ready for trimming and shaping after about a month, the news outlet reports. Never cut off too much from the get-go, and make sure not to shave too high up on the neck and chin. Some men shave right up to their chins, but this can create a double-chin look. Instead, a beard should cover the face all the way down to where it meets the neck, or just before.

Battle skin woes
As the beard or other facial hair grows, some men face ingrown hairs, pimples and dandruff, HypeBeast reports. This is why the exfoliating face wash is a crucial tool to have. Regularly using a facial scrub will remove dry skin, taking care of dandruff and acne. This will also make for a smoother shave when it's time to touch up the edges of a beard or mustache and prevent ingrown hairs. The Elemis Energising Skin Scrub 75ml is a perfect skin care product for this, since it is designed to lift the facial hair before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and blemishes, while also polishing and brightening the skin, leaving it smooth and deeply clean.

Without the dry skin, unsightly zits and painful ingrown hairs that often accompany beards, your man might decide to continue spreading awareness with his facial hair all winter long. Plus, the beard-specific skin care products make perfect holiday gifts!


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