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Think you know how to wear blush? Think again

by timetospa November 29, 2012
Think you know how to wear blush? Think again

You have probably been sweeping blush on your cheeks since you were first allowed to wear makeup. This cosmetic is one of the most essential beauty products you can have, making your complexion look perfectly flushed and giving you a healthy glow. However, blush can also make your face look too wide or too thin, too dry or too oily, if not applied right. Keep these blushing rules in mind next time you pull out your makeup bag.

Rule #1: Know what type you need
There are hundreds of varieties of blush on the market, but they can generally be divided into three types - cream, powder and liquid blush.

Cream blush usually comes in a stick form, and is good if you have dry skin. Liquid blush, commonly called cheek stain or tint, can give a natural glow when blended into your skin. Powder blush, perhaps the most common type, is good for all skin types, but especially oily or combination skin. Try makeup products like Colorescience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore, which has a built in brush so it's easy to add some color to your complexion when you're on the go.

Rule #2: Choose your color wisely
Because there are so many colors of blush out there, it's easy to choose one that matches your skintone. As a general rule of thumb, if your face has warm undertones, choose a blush that has a yellow-ish tint, and if you have cool undertones, your blush should lean toward the bluish end of the spectrum. That means women with olive colored skin could wear an apricot-hued blush, and those with alabaster skin might be better off with a rosy pink.

Rule #3: Flatter your face shape
In the old days, the tried-and-true technique was to sweep blush from your cheek bone up toward your temple, but that can make your face look gaunt, especially if it is naturally narrow. For the most youthful look, smile when applying blush and dab it on the apple of your cheek, then gradually blend it in round circles outward.

if your face is naturally rounder, you might want to apply the blush a little lower on your cheeks to create the illusion of depth just above your jawline and to lengthen your face. Always remember to blend for the most natural-looking result!


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