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Make up your manicure for your next holiday party

by timetospa November 30, 2012
Make up your manicure for your next holiday party

You may already have your dress, shoes, jewelry and makeup picked out for that upcoming holiday party, but what about your manicure? Your nails are one more way to accessorize, show off your personality and add some festivity to your look. From sparkles and chromes to deep reds and patterns, these hot nail ideas will last you through to New Year's Day.

Go for the gold
Gold is an always-festive color to rock for the holidays, from your makeup to your clothes to your nails. You can create a 24-karat mani with CND Nail Color - Chromes in Gold Chrome. This look is particularly stunning if you will have gold elsewhere in your outfit - like a dress or bracelets. You can make this look even fancier by adding a coat of glitter over the chrome. Try CND Gold Sparkle for that little something extra.

You can also glam up almost any other festive color with gold. Want to update the classic red polish? Add an accent nail of gold glitter, or create an ombre-glitter effect by applying more coats of the sparkly stuff  to the tips of your nails.

Pearls and lace
Lace was majorly on trend this fall, and it's also perfect for the holiday season. Black lace dresses and shoes will be everywhere - including on your nails! You can buy a kit at the store or create your own lacy pattern using a toothpick and some dark nail polish.

Of course, one of the most classic pairings is pearls and lace. Pay homage to this traditional look by wearing a pearly polish like one of the CND Nail Effect - Pearls under your lace pattern. Note: A trend like lace should be limited to one or two pieces, and your nails count as an accessory! Don't wear this manicure with a lace dress - it looks better with a solid color.

Solidly sparkling
Sparkly polish adds instant festivity to your look, but it can be a pain to get off after the party's over. An easy way to glam up with glitter is to pick your favorite color polish, then choose a sparkly top coat in the same color. This will make it look like you applied dozens of coats of glitter, but will be much easier to remove.

Prep like a pro
Of course, a manicure only looks as good as the hands it's on! Stock up on manicure and pedicure supplies like Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream to condition your hands and nails before and after your mani so they look smooth and youthful. 


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