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Not sure what to get your man this holiday?

by timetospa December 11, 2012
Not sure what to get your man this holiday?

Shopping for the man in your life during the holidays is no easy feat. He says he doesn't want anything and he says he doesn't need anything, but that doesn't help you when you want to get him something useful!

Chances are, your man has not given much thought to his skin. Shaving, washing, working out and spending time in the sun can all do a number on this sensitive outer layer, but unlike you, he may not be doing enough to protect and nourish it. That is why skin care products are a perfect gift. Not only does this show you care about his health - most of the products hydrate the skin and protect against environmental damage - it shows you want him to be comfortable, and comfort is a key component in any guy's ideal present.

Here are three gifts to show your guy you care about his health and well-being.

1. Elemis Ultimate Travel Collection for Him. This comprehensive collection makes a perfect starter kit if your man is new to spa products, but it's also great for taking on the road. The Elemis Daily Moisture Boost, Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel, Sharp Shower Gel and Energising Skin Scrub all come in carry on-friendly sizes so he can keep his skin feeling good no matter where he is.

2. Elemis King of Skin. Has your man been complaining about ingrown hairs, shaving irritation or dry, itchy skin? If so, this kit might prove to be especially thoughtful. With shaving gel, body wash and moisturizer, this gift offers full-body benefits. The gel will protect skin against razor burn and irritation, while the moisturizer will restore essential nutrients and hydration that get stripped away during the shaving process. The body wash will leave his skin smooth and smelling amazing.

3. Elemis Spa At Home Aching Muscle Super Soak. The treat of an at-home spa experience is not just for women! After a long week at work or a particularly vigorous workout at the gym, your man will appreciate the chance to relax in the tub with this aromatherapeutic remedy. Birch, juniper, clove, alpine lavender, wild thyme and blue chamomile are mixed with mineral-rich sea salt in this Elemis skincare product. The result is a deep heat treatment that relieves aching muscles and joints while the scents clear the head and focus the mind.


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