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Construct curls that will last

by timetospa December 17, 2012
Construct curls that will last

The holidays are a time known as much for the delicious food and drinks as for the fantastic makeup and hairstyles sported to parties and other events, and curls are almost as festive for the holidays as the colors red and green. If you're getting all done up for a party in the next few weeks, there are a few ways to make sure every last unruly strand stays in place so you can look great all night.

Wrapping sections of your hair around a 1- to 2-inch curling iron is a surefire way to add a little holiday spirit to your strands, but unless your hair is naturally curly, you might have some trouble getting your locks to last. For straight-haired ladies, the best way to get the most staying power is to spray your hair all over with a strong-hold hairspray like Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray before you start curling. Always finish with plenty of these beauty products, too.

As you release tendrils of hair from the hot barrel, make sure they are completely cool before you run your fingers through them or start styling. Letting the hair cool before touching it allows the cuticle to close and the style to set, preventing frizz and limp locks.


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