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Sticking Straight For The Holidays

by timetospa December 20, 2012
Sticking Straight For The Holidays

You've picked out the perfect holiday outfit, and you know what makeup products and trends you're going to try - now what about your hair? For parties and other festive events, it's generally a good idea to style your hair the opposite of how you normally wear it. That means if you usually wear your hair up, you should wear it down to the event, and if it's normally curly or wavy, getting it pin-straight will be a chic look.

There are certain tricks you might want to try to get your strands to stay straight and frizz-free. Frizz prevention starts in the shower - rinse out your conditioner with cool water, since this will seal the cuticle to make each and every hair smooth. When blow-drying, always point the air down the shaft of the hair to keep the cuticle smooth.

Once you're ready to use a flat iron, hair products are key. Apply a cream like Steiner Dire Straights Flat Iron Straightening Lotion 150ml to protect your hair from the heat while also locking out any humidity that might damage your 'do's stick-straight look. Once you have smoothed your hair section by section, allow it to cool completely before touching it at all. Allowing the hair to cool gives time for the cuticle to seal into its smooth position so the chic look will last all night. 


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