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Pinpoint Your Exfoliation Needs

by timetospa December 21, 2012
Pinpoint Your Exfoliation Needs

You read it everywhere, and you've seen the positive results for yourself - exfoliation is an important part of any skin care regimen. However, it can be hard to determine how much to exfoliate. You can follow the directions on the back of your skin care product, but that is usually just a guide. The fact is, you can scrub too much. Over-exfoliation can lead to increased moisture loss, sensitivity and irritation on your skin. The frequency of your exfoliation depends mainly on your skin type, your health and the time of year.

Your skin
If your skin is very oily by nature, it's generally safe to use grainy exfoliants as often as once a day if you want to. This goes for your face and your body, though your face might be more oily than the rest of your skin. If your face is oily, you might want to exfoliate with Bliss products like the Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask, which clears out pores clogged by oil.

If you have naturally dry skin, you don't want to exfoliate too much, or risk dehydrating your skin. Opt for a more gentle exfoliant like Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator. This is gentle enough to be used every day, but you might want to skip a few days if your skin is dry.

Your health
Do you have any skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea? If so, you should adapt your exfoliation routine around that. Eczema and rosacea may be exacerbated and irritated by harsh scrubbing, so it might be better not to exfoliate at all. Instead, you can sooth these skin conditions with a bath product like the Elemis Spa At Home Skin Nourishing Milk Bath

The season
It's no secret that some seasons dry your skin out more than others. Your skin sheds cells every day, but when the temperature and humidity drop, you might not want to slough them away as regularly. If your skin gets tight and dry during the winter, maybe only exfoliate once a week to clear away those cells while not irritating dry skin. For this time of year, a product like the Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash may be a good option, since it polishes skin without using harsh granules.

In the summer and spring, however, you should take advantage of the opportunity to clear those pores of sweat, oil and bacteria - especially since you'll likely be sweating a lot. You might even want to use a body brush like the Elemis Spa At Home Body Brush to smooth your skin and get a deep exfoliation.

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