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Get that hairdo to last until midnight

by timetospa December 27, 2012
Get that hairdo to last until midnight

Whether you found a cute new 'do on Pinterest or you are designing your own elaborate hair creation for New Year's Eve, one of the most important elements of the style is that it lasts until the ball drops at midnight. Whether you're trying to hold a curl, fight frizz or freeze hair into place, the key to success with New Year's Eve hair is product.

If your hair is on the thin or straight side but you're looking for volume and curls that Farrah Fawcett would envy, start with a volumizing serum like Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair 150ml. Apply this product on wet hair, focusing on the roots, before blow-drying. You'll notice that your curls hold and your hair stays full-looking no matter how much dancing you do.

Curly-haired ladies, especially those trekking out in inclement weather, might be concerned about frizz. Humidity from snow, rain or sweat on the dance floor invites frizz to the party, but not when you use hair products like Steiner Dire Straights Flat Iron Straightening Lotion. Spray this lotion onto your hair before blow-drying for a controlled end result, and mist again before straightening with an iron.

All looks, curly, straight, up or down, can benefit from a strong-hold hairspray. Once you are finished styling your hair, finish up with a hairspray like Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray. Straight-haired ladies can use this to create volume, while those fighting frizz can use it to smooth out the look.


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