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Use beauty products to strike your best pose

by timetospa January 4, 2013
Use beauty products to strike your best pose

Let's face it, in today's social media-infused world, it's important to look fabulous in every picture as you never know what will be hitting the internet. Even though some ladies might assume their current makeup products and hair products are perfect, making a few changes could work wonders on how you come across on camera. Marie Claire magazine recently discussed the best tips for looking great in every picture, and women may want to take notice.

Practice poses
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to revamp your camera-ready look is to try out different poses in the mirror. Try looking straight, slightly upward or off to one side, to see which pose is your sweet spot.

During your posing practice, it may also be smart to test out some of your beauty products to see how it shows up on your face in different lighting. During the colder, darker days of winter, you might want to brighten up your skin to achieve a gorgeous glow in every snapshot. Ladies on the go may benefit most from a daily cream like Laboratoire Remede Soft Focusing Lotion as this product instantly enhances your facial features using the perfect amount of luminescence.

Use products at night to feel refreshed in the morning
Early morning photos may not be your best, as this is typically the time of day when your dark spots and puffy eyes are exposed. To avoid showing off these imperfections to your entire Facebook family, try making a few changes to your nightly routine in order to wake up looking refreshed.

Eye wrinkles and dark circles are some of the most cringe-worthy morning face woes, though certain creams can reduce these issues. Incorporating a cream like Laboratoire Remede Wrinkle Therapy Eye Baume into your morning and nightly routine will help your eyes stay fresh from the moment you wake up. The balm works to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while strengthening the gentle skin around the eye area.

Be confident
Another important way to show off your inner glow on camera is to feel confident when your picture is being taken, the news source reports. A model admitted she hums her favorite songs during photo shoots to help calm her nerves. You could also try thinking about a funny memory, or even about people you love, in order to feel more relaxed.


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