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Help your guy save his skin this winter

by timetospa January 7, 2013
Help your guy save his skin this winter

Whether you prefer your guy clean shaven or with a bit of scruff, shaving can be a painful experience for your beau. The troubles can be even worse during the colder months, as his skin is sure to be more sensitive and dry in the winter. Even though your guy may not want to try using your skin softening beauty products, he may be more apt to try men products instead. Men's Life Today recently broke down the best tricks for repairing men's skin after shaving and ways to curb problems entirely.

Razor burn
Getting red, bumpy and itchy skin following shaving is more than just an eyesore. These patches of problem areas are typically sensitive and can hurt, especially if your guy hits the gym and breaks a sweat the same day he shaves. Luckily, there are ways to eliminate this issue and it starts with softening the skin prior to shaving.

"You should always shave after you take a shower," a salon owner from New York City told the publication. "The steam softens the hair and makes it stand up and softens the skin."

Getting your guy a skin sensitive shaving cream like Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel may also work to reduce redness. The mix of Chinese date, English oak and witch hazel helps to protect the skin against irritation and razor burn.

Ingrown hair
Developing ingrown hairs can be extremely painful. The issue occurs when hair grows back inside the follicles and just beneath the surface of the skin, Men's Life Today reports. Avoiding this problem requires a few steps, starting with showering prior to shaving to help soften the skin. Guys should always shave with the grain rather than against it and may want to invest in a shave brush to apply shaving cream. The brush acts as an exfoliant, working to remove the top layer of dead skin.

Starting each shave by first washing the face with Elemis Energising Skin Scrub 75ml could reduce ingrown hairs as well. The scrub contains marine phytoplankton and vitamin E and works to eliminate dead skin and soothe the new layer, preventing ingrown hairs and blemishes from surfacing.

The key to keeping your beau's skin baby soft following a shave is investing in a moisturizing facial cream for after each shave. Guys may benefit most from using the Elemis Post Shave Recovery Mask, especially during the winter, to help replenish moisture and keep their skin looking fresh and healthy.


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