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Get the most out of your face mask

by timetospa January 23, 2013
Get the most out of your face mask

Finding time to kick back and relax is a luxury for most busy women these days, so doing something special for yourself when you get a few minutes of down time is a must. A great way to unwind and help your complexion out at the same time, is to purchase beauty products like a face mask to use during these special moments. 

You might assume that using a face mask is as simple as applying the product and letting it sit for a few minutes, but in reality, there are ways to get even more out of the application, Shopping Lifestyle reports. Here are a few rules to stick to when enjoying your next facial mask:

Prep your skin
The first step in having a spa day at home is to thoroughly wash your face ahead of time using a gentle, yet adequate cleanser. Investing in an Elemis skincare product like the Elemis Soothing Chamomile Cleanser might be a suitable option. This mild face wash helps to calm your skin thanks to its milky texture, and removes oil, pollutants and makeup without drying your complexion.

Don't be afraid to apply a thick coat
When your skin is soft and pure, it's time to apply the face mask. A mask like the Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask could be just what the doctor ordered. This product contains strawberry and kiwi extracts that work together to repair your dull complexion. 

Make sure to apply a thick layer of the mask to reap the benefits locked inside the cream. You're sure to notice a difference whether you use it after a long day at the office or before a major event. Even though you might want to get lost in the heavenly fruit scents of the mask, it's important to stick to the time suggestions, the news source reports.

Feed your complexion
After using a spa facial mask, your skin is sure to feel ultra soft and fabulous. This is because the mask worked to remove dead skin cells and other imperfections, leaving the pores rejuvenated and ready to absorb nutrients and moisture, according to the publication. It is during this time that you should enhance your skin even further by applying a hydrating skincare product

La Thérapie Crème Régénérante Regenerating Night Cream for radiant skin is sure to boost your complexion. This facial moisturizer contains alpha hydroxy acids that helps nourish the skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles along with skin imperfections.


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