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Food for thought

by timetospa January 29, 2013
Food for thought

There is perhaps nothing better than indulging in that piece of fried chicken or a big bowl of cheesy pasta. However, no matter how good these foods might taste, they tend to do little to benefit your waist line or your complexion. There are certain foods that do benefit your body and mind, and some might already be your go-to dishes. Here are a few of the best skin and body health foods to try, according to Ladies' Home Journal.

Sweet potatoes
These tasty alternatives to standard potatoes do not just add a pop of color to your plate, they also work to enhance your complexion. Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps defend the skin against harmful sun damage, the news source reports. Other brightly colored veggies like carrots, tomatoes and certain peppers offer similar benefits. Despite these health boosts, it's still important to invest in sunscreen products. Using Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush Sunscreen might be best, since you gain the benefit of sun protection and the appeal of skin perfecting minerals.

Consuming this fatty fish will do more than just take inches off your waist, it could also protect you from getting wrinkles on your face. Salmon packs a powerful amount of omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the skin by reducing inflammatory substances, reducing clogged pores as well as the appearance of fine lines and eye wrinkles

Other skin and body health foods to try include kiwi, sunflower seeds and turkey.


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