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Work exercise into your routine

by timetospa January 30, 2013
Work exercise into your routine

Most women have a few daily routines - drinking coffee, showering in the morning and applying beauty products - are a few of the most common. However, one regimen that may be a little harder to lock in is working out. Despite having limited time in the day, exercising can not only make you look better, it can also improve how you feel. WebMD recently discussed how you can make exercise a habit now.

Mix it up
Just like you can get stuck in a beauty rut, you can also suffer from having the Ground Hog's day effect with your exercise routine. Instead of just going to the gym or running outside, try to expand your work outs to include more fun trends like Yoga, Zumba or even kick boxing. Who knows, you might even find an activity you're really passionate about.

Mark down your achievements
Feeling better is a plus, but looking great might be the boost you need to continue exercising in the long run. Because of this it might be a smart idea to write down certain changes you notice, such as fitting into your "skinny" jeans or feeling confident in a bikini. 

Despite the positive changes happening, you might still suffer from certain skin woes like cellulite. Using a product like Bliss Fat Girl Slim on your trouble areas could help reverse the appearance of the imperfections, boosting your confidence even more. 


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