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Acne causes uncovered

by timetospa February 5, 2013
Acne causes uncovered

Most ladies can admit to battling acne in their teens, but for many, this unflattering issue tends to die down by their 20s. However, if you still suffer from embarrassing outbreaks, the problem may stem from something you never even considered - Women's Health magazine recently uncovered some surprising hidden reason for acne.

Certain medications
When it comes to breakouts, one of the first places to check for a culprit is by look at the ingredients of your prescriptions. According to the publication, medications that contain steroids could be to blame. Steroids in pill form typically read as prednisone on the label and are prescribed to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions including poison ivy, allergies and arthritis. In topical forms, these steroids may read as cortisone or hydrocortisone on the ingredients label. 

Other medications that could be behind your outbreaks include oral contraceptives, lithium, and certain forms of iodine.

Beauty care products
Another major culprit behind breakouts is what you put on your face or in your hair. Makeup brushes and pads constantly collect leftover makeup as well as bacteria and yeast. The bacteria and yeast combo can cause a type of acne called folliculitis, according to the news outlet. To curb this issue from happening, try to wash your brushes once a week and replace them if necessary.

Using certain beauty products that allow the skin to breath, such as Colorescience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore might be best. A blush like this is full of natural minerals meant to keep the skin healthy and pores clog-free.

​Cellphones might be a great invention, but they can also cause problems with your skin. Phones can collect different types of bacteria and dirt throughout the day and without wiping it off frequently, these pollutants can be transferred to your complexion every time you make a call, Women's Health reports.

An easy way to avoid breakouts on your chin and cheeks due to phone use is to wipe the electronic device down each day using rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. 

Toothpaste treatment
Using toothpaste to treat a pimple is nothing more than an old wives' tale. In fact, certain toothpastes that use specific ingredients can actually put you at a greater risk of developing acne. Ingredients like sodium pyrophosphate can be abrasive, potentially burning your skin or initiating breakouts. 


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