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Yoga moves that'll put you to sleep

by timetospa February 27, 2013
Yoga moves that'll put you to sleep

Getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is easier said than done for most women. Sure, you might hit the sack before 11, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to stop your mind from racing about that meeting at work or an upcoming presentation. Not only will stressing out before bed make it harder to catch enough Z's, it could also affect how you look and feel - think under-eye bags and wrinkles.

Women's Health magazine reports a great way to properly unwind before bed is by trying out a few basic yoga moves meant to bring you to total relaxation.

Simple meditation
The first trick to try is to perform a few minutes of quiet meditation. Begin this by sitting up in your bed with your legs either folded or straight out in front of you. Next, close your eyes and rest your hands gently on your thighs, then start breathing in and out in slow, deep segments. Do this for just a few minutes each night to help calm your body, and more importantly, your mind.

Sitting poses
After you've meditated for a couple of minutes, start to twist your upper body around toward the back of your bed to help release tension in your lower back. Make sure to keep breathing deeply during this exercise to get the most out of it.

Next, go back into the seated position and start to bend your body forward at your hips, the news outlet reports. Make sure to stretch your arms and hands out straight during this movement to really enhance the benefits on your back and your entire upper body.

After your upper body is fully stretched, it's time to boost the benefits of yoga for your legs. For the first technique, lay flat down on your back with your head under a pillow. Next, grab one knee and bring it into your chest slowly while breathing in and out. Hold the position for a few seconds before releasing the leg and switching to the other.

Boost relaxation with beauty products
If you're still feeling stressed after stretching, you might benefit from using a few luxury spa products to unwind. Achy muscles or built-up stress could be to blame for your sleeping woes, so taking a soothing bath with a product like Elemis Spa At Home Aching Muscle Super Soak could help you feel calmer. This deep-heat aromatherapeutic remedy helps to relieve achy muscles through a mix of ingredients like clove, alpine lavender and blue chamomile.

This along with the yoga techniques is sure to help you sleep better and feel more rested.


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