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Bring out your inner babe

by timetospa March 4, 2013
Bring out your inner babe

If you've been kicking butt at the gym recently, you might consider planning a girl's night out in order to show off your bod. Even though everyone might be checking out your toned arms and abs, you'll also need to up your beauty routine to look as fab as you feel. Cosmopolitan magazine recently listed the best ways to revamp your makeup regimen for the better.

Doe eyes
A great and easy way to enhance your natural gorgeousness is to boost the volume of your lashes. The best way to do this is to invest is false lashes, but if you're not into glue near your eyes, there are other ways to achieve this look. 

For starters, get an eyelash curler and curl your top and bottom lashes. Next, apply an eyelash primer to help extend your lashes even further. Finally, swipe on a few coats of volumizing mascara to help your eyes shine with little effort. 

Pop of pink
Flushed cheeks are not only romantic, they can also provide you with a bit of necessary color - especially in the colder months. According to the experts at Cosmo, ladies with fair skin should rock a ballet slipper pink hue, while women with darker complexions benefit from using a strawberry hue instead. 

Investing in beauty products like the Colorescience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore could be a perfect option for women on the go, since the product is a blush and brush in one. 

Red pout
Red lips are continuing to help ladies everywhere make a statement, so it is a major must-have for your next night out. To achieve a perfect application, start by lining your lips in a red lip liner that closely matches the lipstick shade you'll be rocking. This will not only help your color last, it will also ensure it stays in place - no one wants red on their teeth or cheeks!

Enhance your pout even further by swiping on Bliss products like the Bliss Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper that uses fresh ingredients to puff up your pout. 

Other sassy looks to try include the updated cat-eye style, you can make this more fun using brightly colored liners like electric blue or even emerald green. Achieving bouncy, soft curls or rocking your hair off to one side, exposing a naked shoulder, are other ways to look and feel hot the next time you go out. 


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