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by Sarah Jacob April 11, 2013

After the holidays is a great time to give the body a break from rich foods, After the holidays is a great time to give the body a break from rich foods, celebratory libations and late nights and have, by comparison, a fairly monastic two to four weeks.I like to think of it as the law of feast and famine because there are definitely cycles thateach of us go through that mimic this idea: we eat and drink abundantly (feast) and then we feel the need to eat more simply and lose a few pounds (famine). We work/play hard(feast) and then we need to disconnect and rest (famine). We expend tons of energy and then we need to withdraw so that we may brew some more!  


Getting in the Detox State of Mind

If you try to observe your own natural cycles you will undoubtedly find that you go through times of great energy and creativity, making it a natural time to pour yourself into the world and participate in all it has to offer, followed by times when you justneed to withdraw and reconnect with your inner world, without all the external stimulation. Although as a culture we generally think of feast as being positive and famine as being negative (and something to avoid at all costs), a healthy existence includes a life of both uncooked carrots as well as the rather naughty carrot cake. Famine, in this context, is nothing other than taking time to recharge your batteries and cleanse your mind and body so that you will be able to flaunt yourself unabashedly when you are all revved up and sparkly again. 



Give yourself a full eight hours of sleep a day and if you feel like it steal an extra two hours at the weekend. Sleep is one of our best detoxification mechanisms. A good deep sleep helps your body cope with stress and can even provide solutions to real-life problems. According to sleep experts there are two basic states of sleep: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM). When you are asleep you cycle between these two basic states. During NREM Sleep, each of the four stages sends the body to a slightly deeper state until you reach the fourth stage when the body actually repairs itself and performs maintenance. The immune system is strengthened during this time, bone and muscle is built, body tissue is repaired and all the cells in the body are regenerated. Sleep is essential for health and while some of us only need 6 hours, less than this is probably not enough to ensure you are alert, vibrant and ready for all the fun stuff life has to offer in the waking hours.


If you are relatively healthy and not on medication,then undergoing a voluntarily fruit and vegetable fast for up to three days will do you the world of good. You can continue for a couple of weeks, but should do so with supervision. A fruit and vegetable fast consists of consuming solely fruits, vegetables and herbal

teas. These can be eaten or juiced, but should not be cooked. As fruits and veggies are easy for the body to digest, this rich food sabbatical will give your digestive system a much needed

rest. Don’t over do it on highly acidic fruits or highly fatty vegetables/legumes as they could cause discomfort and bloating. If you are on medication or have stage one or two diabetes, please ensure you consult your physician before changing your diet, even for three days.


 You are mostly made of water. Hard to believe, because you seem fairly meaty, but at least 70% of what you look at in the mirror and think about is actually liquid. Therefore, it stands to reason that if there is anything that is precious here on earth, it must be water. “Negative feelings are as addictive as cigarettes but much more dangerous.”

There are two practices you should commit to every single day of your watery life: 1) drink 8 glasses of water a day to flush all the toxins out of your body and keep you buoyant through life’s challenges (oh and just filter your tap water rather than purchase it in a plastic bottle) and 2) waste less of it. As it happenswater is not an unlimited resource after all.


During your detox, take some time to meditate. You do not have to force your body into the shape of a pretzel or ensure that you are in a place of perfect serenity. You could meditate on the side of the highway with cars zooming past if you like. But we don’t recommend it of course. Instead, do this. Sit on your couch, or if it is a nice day, sit outside. Or sit on the floor. Or prop yourself up on your bed. Your only goal is to be comfortable in an upright seated position of any variation you choose. Close your eyes. Breathe and turn your attention to your breath, focusing on the rise and fall of your diaphragm. Simply do this for twenty minutes, all the time bringing your attention back to the breath when it wanders. Voila. This is one simple way to meditate. Do it for twenty minutes at least and longer if you can morning and afternoon.


Who do you intend to be? What do you intend to do? Spend some time on intention (see our main article, the power of intention). Make a list of all the things you intend to do and then in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “contemplate yourself in the circumstances you wish to create.” Try to embody the idea that you are your own creator. In other words, you are unfixed and fluid. You can change anything and everything about yourself, or not.


Part of your detoxification plan involves some focused gratitude. Think of all the people, places, circumstances, animals and things that are part of your life that enrich it. And those people who just aggravate you? Well, thank them too. Remember their reaction to you is to do with your attitude toward them. So it is in your best interest to just give out good vibes to everyone. Besides, according to H.C. Moolenburgh (Ode Magazine, October 2011) “Negative feelings are as addictive as cigarettes but much more dangerous.”



Behavioral psychologists believe that by changing the way you act, you can actually change the way you think. So basically if you change your behavior and your actions, your perspective gradually changes too. Put in the context of working out, the more you stretch your body, the more you stretch your mind. The more you detoxify your body through working out, the more you detoxify your mind too.



We all need to be touched and caressed. It is one of our most basic needs, so much so that if a new born baby is not held, he or she will not survive. Physical touch is not a luxury, so embrace your need for sensuality in your life and ensure you find it. This can be fulfilled in many ways. The traditional way is to be caressed by your partner, but don’t go traversing the street looking for a mate if you are single, you can instead have a massage treatment, or get your hair done or a manicure or pedicure. You can also enjoy the sensation of a bath, cuddle a cat or dog or even hug a tree. What you are seeking is a natural, sensual connection with other living beings. There is never any need to feel lonely – there are so many ways to participate in your natural sensual nature.



Sometimes your skin needs a whole new perspective. It needs the dead surface layer to be removed so that those excited, healthy cells underneath can shine through! So at least once a year and if necessary at the change of every season, we recommend that you resurface your skin. You can of course go to your

local spa and have a glycolic or resurfacing facial or you can do it yourself at home.  You have two choices for resurfacing your skin. The most well known is to use Glycolic Acids. However, this is not your only choice. Tri-Enzyme Technology also offers resurfacing, but using skin-friendlier enzymes.



 The traditional method of resurfacing the skin is through using Glycolic Acid also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and in the case of La Thérapie is derived from sugar cane. The way these acids work is by literally breaking down the bonds between the skin cells so that the dead, surface layers will be shed. The glycolic acid distresses the skin, which then encourages it to regenerate and repair itself efficiently. The average cell renewal time is 28 days – our body’s, including our skin – have been adapted to a monthly cycle of renewal. However, by using glycolic acid, cell renewal can occur as quickly as within 14 days.



You will observe thicker, healthier, plumper, stronger looking skin because of the accelerated growth of new collagen and elastin and the increased stimulation of the blood vessels. All the dead or dying skin cells are sloughed away or dissolved and you are left with young, vibrant skin cells proudly parading themselves on the surface!



Most users do report temporary mild redness and peeling. All experts emphasize how the skin is much more susceptible to sunburn once glycolic acids have been used. Therefore, using a sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher is not only recommended, it’s a must. But we all agree it’s not too bad considering all the radiant beauty that is to follow. Most importantly, if you are pregnant, do not use glycolic products.



Most Steiner operated spas offer La Thérapie Glycolic facials and timetospa retails glycolic products. Seek the advice from one of our skincare consultants at timetospa.com or your spa therapist.


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