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by Sarah Jacob April 11, 2013

In the constant quest for sylph-knowledge, the modern human has been known to take extreme measures to achieve mostly unachievable vital statistics. We are fixated by the perfect physique which may have been determined in part by mythology. Legend has it that Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman in the world and had measurements akin to the goddesses that adorn Indian temples, which are quite impossibly both slender and voluptuous at the same time. This ideal of perfection has motivated women to employ all sorts of deconstructing and reconstructing methods to achieve what would be totally unachievable; like removing a rib or two for a moredefined waist line, for instance. Men are also affected by similar ideals. The quest for the perfect male physique has been around for as far back as we can remember and is reflected in Da Vinci’s “David”. Yes he is a little small, but proportionately absolutely perfect.

There is no doubt that wanting to have our fatfree cake and eat it too can often be less than healthy, let alone a dangerous undertaking. We all know that most of us with a normal-ish metabolism need to do two things to achieve a slimmer physique in no time at all: eat according to nutritional and calorific need and exercise regularly. However, we really ought to quit the unrealistic ideals: instead learn to love your body as it is and treat it well. But don’t kid yourself as this too is quite the challenge. It’s not easy to walk past a cupcake shop that whispers seductively, “(insert your name)…the red velvet with vanilla icing wants you to eat it.” How can anyone refuse a calling that is so seductive? And, once again, you have your cake, (this time not fat-free) and you eat it too. (For those of you that are paying extra attention, you will notice that in this short segment, we have already eaten two cakes. Lucky for me words are calorie free, even when full of empty adjectives that have no real nutritional value.) Well in our quest for sylph knowledge, we wanted to do it kindly and lovingly. After all, detoxification, slimming, firming and toning isn’t just about squeezing into the pair of size 4’s or blessing the beach with your bikini body. It’s also about health, well-being and treating yourself well. Ultimately, it’s about being content with who we are. And let’s face it, how we feel about ourselves physically affects who we are psychologically, which in turn affects the way we act in the world. Not taking care of ourselves is not an indication that we do not have time, it is an indication that we don’t feel our physical well-being is as important as other things in life. Our inability to put health and well-being first on our list of to do’s could be the result of low self-esteem, a sign of excessive stress, or it could even unveil a belief that we don’t think we deserve to feel good. Of course, it could also be that we are just having way too much fun. But for most of us, what it boils down to is that we often put our own true needs and desires second, third or last on the list of to dos. Well we at timetospa are here to tell you this: put wellness at the top of your list and everything else will follow.  


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