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Anti-wrinkle creams: Guys can use them too

by timetospa April 29, 2013
Anti-wrinkle creams: Guys can use them too

When it comes to looking younger for longer, women tend to go to greater lengths to preserve their youth than their male counterparts. However, this doesn't mean guys shouldn't know what products to look for if they start to notice more wrinkles than ever before. 

Breaking it down in the most simple terms, achieving a smoother, younger looking complexion really has to do with boosting cell renewal. Skin cells help to slow down the deterioration of collagen and elasticity, which are key in keeping wrinkles and a sunken in appearance at bay. 

Because of this, guys might either want to steal their ladies' Elemis Skincare products that boast pro-collagen benefits, or they could pick up their own cream like the Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay 50ml. A product like this contains wrinkle-fighting components such as pomegranate, hydroxproline and exotic oils to help keep wrinkles at bay. In fact, the cream has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 83 percent in just 28 days. 

According to Nicky Calice, a senior spa product consultant at timetospa, the key to selecting any anti-aging product is to look for ones with quality ingredients. 

"The finest raw materials and manufacturing processes will result in an active cream. An active cream is one that brings about a change in the skin," Calice said. The way the ingredients are extracted from the raw materials will determine the strength and activity level of the ingredients."


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