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Let your maxi hang free with these styling tips

by timetospa May 23, 2013
Let your maxi hang free with these styling tips

You wake up and realize you hit the snooze button so many times it stopped going off. After you figure out you have literally 10 minutes to get dressed and leave for work to make it on time, your first styling instinct is likely to throw on a maxi dress with a cute blazer. Not only is this ensemble chic, it is a must-have for summer. 

There are various other reasons to rock a maxi - you're feeling bloated, haven't shaved your legs or forgot to lotion your gams and feet with luxury spa products like CND Citrus Hydrating Lotion. No matter the issue, maxis can instantly take you from drab to fab, if you know how to rock them. 

According to Rue La La, there are a few tips to stunning in a maxi, including belting it. Adding a subtle or thin belt at your waist can help ensure you don't look like you're wearing a moo-moo from the '60s. A second fashion tip to try with a maxi is to rock it with gorgeous wedge sandals for summer. This style is best reserved for maxis that are too long for comfort - adding a little height will ensure you don't take a tumble. The last option to consider is knotting the dress off to one side at about calf-level. This will ensure you don't fall and can let a little air in if it's uncomfortably hot out. 


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