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How to keep chlorine from ruining your hair and skin

by timetospa July 23, 2013
How to keep chlorine from ruining your hair and skin

There is perhaps nothing greater than diving into a pool after a long, hot day at the office. While you might enjoy the instant cool-down this activity brings, you may be less than thrilled when you notice your skin drying, your hair breaking or your swimsuit fading due to chorine exposure. Even though the chemical is necessary in helping to maintain a pool, there are ways to keep it from ruining your locks and complexion.

Here are a few tips for helping to support your hair and skin without limiting your pool time.

Hair remedies
Your hair can be ultra sensitive to the effects of chlorine, which can lead to issues like split ends and flyaways because the chemical tends to strip the natural oils that protect your locks. Luckily, using certain hair products, mainly ones that are oil- or silicone-based, can help keep such issues at bay, Health magazine reports. 

A product like Phytodensium Anti-Aging Serum might be appropriate to apply prior to jumping in the pool. This serum boasts a slew of vitamins as well as a tyrosine derivative to help protect the hair and prevent future damage. You could also opt to slather coconut oil in your hair to gain similar protective benefits. 

Another simple trick is to wet your hair with cold, fresh water prior to diving in. The experts at Yahoo! Sports report doing so can help slow down how fast the chlorine is absorbed into your locks, keeping your hair better protected from the get-go. On the same note, opting to shower shortly after you exit the pool can also limit how much chlorine seeps into your hair.

Skin savers
Now that your locks are ready to enjoy a summer by the pool, it's time to prep your skin. According to Health magazine, similar to how chlorine dries out your hair, the same issue can arise with your skin. Dry, flaky skin is not only itchy and annoying, but it can take away from your bronzed appearance as well. 

While using serums is recommended to protect your hair, investing in luxury spa products and thick, moisturizing lotions is a must for protecting your skin. The Elemis Spa At Home Skin Nourishing Body Lotion is sure to repair the harmful effects of chlorine thanks to its rich formula and ingredients like camellia as well as macadamia and jojoba oils.


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