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Be the most beautiful you possible by boosting your complexion

by timetospa July 29, 2013
Be the most beautiful you possible by boosting your complexion

You might have thought less about the health of your skin when you were younger, but if you find yourself noticing more problems as you get older, you're not alone. Whether you think your complexion is duller than it should be or are faced with issues like blotchy skin, you don't have to take the problems lying down.

Here are a few easy ways to take your skin from under-whelming to unbelievable in a few steps. 

Apply sunblock - every day
One of the first steps in maintaining even, radiant and, most importantly, healthy skin is to apply sunscreen products on a daily basis. Sure, you might need heavy duty products if you're going to the beach or are lounging by the pool on the weekends, but lightweight Bliss products like Bliss Fabulous Everyday Face Lotion SPF 15 are perfect for daily use.

The experts at the Mayo Clinic report being diligent with sunscreen can help keep wrinkles, age spots and even cancer at bay, making it a must for your morning routine. 

Be kind to your complexion
While being conscious of your sun exposure is a surefire way preserve the health of your skin, it's just as crucial to select gentle products to use on your face. The experts report you can improve your complexion by limiting the duration and temperature of your showers or baths. Ultra hot or very long soaks can remove necessary oils from your skin, so keep temperatures comfortable and try to save the lengthy sessions for when you really need some luxury time. 

On the same note, opting for skin care products with natural, gentle ingredients might also help your skin look its best. Mild cleaners, like La Thérapie Lait Démaquillant Peaux Normales - Gentle cleansing milk for normal skin, may be a great choices, since these options will help preserve oils in your skin, rather than strip them away.

Boost in texture
Having a smooth, gorgeous complexion is the desire of most women, and if you've noticed your skin feeling lumpier or bumpier than you'd like, there is a solution. According to Women's Health magazine, in a situation like this, it can be best to invest in a glycolic peel to use at home. Not only will a peel like this help smooth your imperfections, but results last for a number of hours, meaning you can look as good as you feel for a special occasion. 

Of course you could opt to go the medical route and get a stronger peel at the hands of a licensed dermatologist. 


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