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The art of eyebrow shaping

by timetospa August 1, 2013
The art of eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, and many times, women must pluck, pull, wax or style these little bushy sections on their faces to help their complexions stand out. What's worse than having eyebrows that need maintenance is the fact that they can seemingly grow back thicker, darker and wilder right before your eyes. If you've been wondering how to shape your brows in between appointments, you're not alone.

Here are a few tips for taming your unruly eyebrows:

Bushy brows
If you have bushy eyebrows, you've likely gone to the waxer or have used Bliss Poetic Waxing Face Strips at home more times than you'd like to count. While it might be hard to keep these babies under control, there are ways to help them stay polished for longer. According to Real Simple magazine, the first step in gaining control of your brows is to head to the mirror with a brow brush. 

Start by combing the hairs straight up so you can easily see the natural shape of your brows. Once you get a clear image of the shape, grab a pair of brow or hair cutting scissors and start to trim the hairs that go above the line. Once the brows are shorter, it will be easier to tweeze away any issues on the inner sides of the brows. 

Fixing an over-pluck
While not taking enough off can be a problem, plucking too much can be just as bad. The new outlet reports the best way to fix an over-waxing or plucking blunder is to invest in beauty products, mainly a wax-based brow pencil to fill in any gaps as naturally as possible. After you've found a pencil that closely matches your natural brow hair color, start by drawing the pencil in to the bald spots and then go over the rest of your brow with the pencil to help it blend better.

Next, grab a brush or makeup pad and soften up the pencil lines, creating a seamlessly look. You might also want to invest in the Colorescience Brow Palette to help create definition and enhance your natural brow line in a flash. 

Brows can change how you look
While eyebrows can bring about many challenges, one of the best ways to learn the optimal way to style your unique set is to learn the "secret language of brows." O, The Oprah Magazine reports a simple snip here or cleaning up a specific section there can take a set of eyebrows from sad to happy in a flash. 

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