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Get the most out of your sunscreen

by timetospa August 5, 2013
Get the most out of your sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is about as important of a routine as one can have, since the skincare product works to keep burns at bay and skin cancer away. According to the Huffington Post, sunscreen does more for your skin that you might assume, including cutting your risk of skin cancer, helping to prevent age or sun spots and slowing down the development of wrinkles. 

Since these and other issues are likely on your radar, it might be smart to learn what exactly to look for in a sunblock. Here are a few ways to select a suitable option:

Broad-spectrum based
One of the most important things to look for on a sunscreen label is the words "broad spectrum." The pros at Real Simple magazine report this term means the sunscreen products you're looking at protect against both UVA and UVB rays, rather than one or the other. 

UVA rays can lead to age-related skin damage, such as eye wrinkles or brown spots, while UVB rays are responsible for sunburns. Using a sun blocker like the Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sunblock is a great choice, since the lotion protects against UVA and UVB rays as well as common air pollution, which can accelerate irreversible free-radical damage. 

Ingredients to consider
When it comes to sunscreen, there are typically a few ingredients that need to be listed to ensure the product will protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. The key names to look for include avobenzone, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 

According to the news outlet, avobenzone is a chemical ingredient that penetrates the skin and helps absorb UVA rays, thus shielding your skin from them. On the same note, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical compounds that work to reflect the sun away from the body, making a product that contains either of these ingredients a great option for people with more sensitive skin.

Bliss Fabulous Everyday Face Lotion SPF 15 is a suitable choice since it contains avobenzone along with other beneficial ingredients. 

Water protection
Last but not least, it's crucial to learn exactly what the term "water resistant" means, since no sunscreen is 100 percent safe from the water. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recently changed the requirements for a brand that wants to claim its sunblock is water resistant. As of 2012, sunscreens with this on the label must be able to protect the skin for between 40 and 80 minutes of swimming or sweating to be legitimate. However, this still means you must re-apply throughout the day to stay fully protected. 

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