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Ways to look like a bombshell in cellphone photos

by timetospa August 14, 2013
Ways to look like a bombshell in cellphone photos

In today's instant gratification-based society, more people are putting down their high-tech cameras and are instead snapping photos with their smartphones. While many devices come with quality cameras, it doesn't mean the pictures they take are as flattering as a standard digital or film product. Since uploading snapshots to Facebook and Instagram is still a major part of today's culture, it may be a good idea for you to learn how to look best in these less than professional settings. 

Authors Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, who penned "A Beautiful Mess Photo Ideas Book," recently discussed looking fabulous in smartphone photos with Real Simple magazine.

According to the experts, opting to pose for a picture in the most natural light possible is one surefire way to look as good on film as you do in real life. Those in the photo should move toward the light source to prevent blurring or grainy images. On the same note, having the photographer get up close and personal with his or her shots can be just as beneficial.

The authors report filling the camera's frame can ensure the photo will have more focus and detail than if the picture is taken from further away. While these tricks can improve your appearance, donning the proper makeup products might also help. Cosmopolitan magazine reports makeup like primer, concealer, blush, bronzer and false lashes will help enhance your natural beauty. Applying a product like Elemis Visible Brilliance as a base will ensure your skin is glowing perfectly in any shot.


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