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What your nails say about your health

by timetospa August 16, 2013
What your nails say about your health

Your nail polish can say a lot about you - but the color of your nails underneath can be even more revealing. If you're noticing an irregular hue, follow this guide for getting your nails back in tip top condition:

Nail beds that appear lighter than usual could be a sign of anemia, according to Self magazine. As a result of the iron deficiency, your skin, including under your nails, can become paler. Fair nails could also be an early indicator of liver disease or diabetes, as both can affect blood flow. 

If your nails seem slightly ghostly, the magazine recommended staying away from refined sugars and carbohydrates and upping your intake of fiber-filled beans, whole grains, leafy green vegetables and red meat. Foods that are high in iron and help to regulate blood sugar will minimize any potential health-related risks. You could also pop a supplement, like Blisslabs' Nutricosmetics Total Bliss Give Me Strength, which are packed with a powerful blend of herbs, nutrients and other ingredients, all of which are essential for healthy nail growth.

Yellow stains should only be concerning if they're attached to any pain, as Prevention magazine noted that the combination could indicate a fungal infection. If you suspect that might be the case, see your physician. Other possible causes for this hue, according to the source, are side effects from medications or psoriasis.

Before you book an appointment with your doctor, stop to consider the last time you didn't have polish on your nails. If it's been a while or you can't remember, it may mean your nails just need to breathe. Rue La La explained that wearing polish too frequently can essentially suffocate the nails, and recommended applying peroxide toothpaste or lemon juice to rid them of any stains. Once you've scrubbed them, skip the colored nail lacquer and apply a couple coats of the CND Toughen Up Base Coat, which can help prevent these surface stains in the future while strengthening your nails in the process.

White dots and ridges
Unless you painted them on as an intentional design, polka-dots and stripes on your nails aren't desirable. Still, Prevention explained that these pesky marks merely happen as a result of banging your finger in a door or another traumatic injury. Dots could even appear if your manicurist went a little too far clipping your cuticles. They should eventually fade, but in the meantime, paint on the CND Ridge Out Base Coat, which helps to fill ridges and cover up other flaws so that your polish applies more smoothly.

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