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Double duty: makeup that multitasks

by timetospa August 23, 2013
Double duty: makeup that multitasks

There are plenty of reasons that we multi-task in our every day lives: It saves time, money and effort. For the same reasons, it can be helpful to choose beauty products that we can use for a range of purposes. With these simple tips, you could find new uses for all of your makeup, which will then make for an easier routine as well as a lighter purse.

An optimal foundation is powerful enough that you don't need to use a multitude of products on your face. While a liquid solution is ideal for dry skin as it's more hydrating, oily or combination skin should opt for a foundation that minimizes pores and makes for a more matte complexion, which will eliminate the need for a finishing powder. The Colorescience Sheer Creme Foundation has a silky smooth finish, balances out your skin and doubles as a concealer as it hides any flaws. Plus, without all that extra makeup you can avoid a caked-on appearance.

Not only do you want a healthy tan glow, but you also want a flush of pink on your cheeks. Why not compromise and choose a pigment that can do both? A shade that's in between bronze and rose can give pale skin a boost while also offering the benefits of a blush. The ultra-convenient Colorescience Suncanny SPF 20 Retractable Brush comes in a range of shades perfect for multi-tasking and additionally, has a built-in brush, meaning you don't have to carry one around with you when you want to touch up on the go. The product isn't just a blush and bronzer - SPF 20 makes it triple duty.

Plenty of women don't think they need primer, but this product isn't superfluous. In fact, it can replace a lot of steps from your makeup routine. Additionally, primer helps your makeup stick so you don't have to keep re-applying. The Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, for example, can hydrate and even out your skin tone while making your complexion brighter. As an added bonus, purple orchid and acai help to minimize wrinkles and fine lines. 

Looking for a multi-masking miracle? A highlighter does far more than just illuminate your skin. Apply Freeze 24-7 Freeze & Go Instant Smoother and Brightener on your browbone, cheekbones, the corners of your eyes or anywhere else you want to accent and contour. Fine lines will fade, pores will shrink and a dull complexion instantly becomes more radiant.


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