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Tress therapy: How to fix damaged hair

by timetospa September 4, 2013
Tress therapy: How to fix damaged hair

Every day, you put your hair through some significant stress. Between blow​ drying, flat ironing, bleaching and dyeing, it's no wonder your strands are looking tired, dry and dull. In addition, you expose your hair to a variety of free radicals in the environment, which can accelerate any damage or breakage. Fortunately, it's not too late. With the right hair products, you can nurture your strands back to life, so they're looking and feeling their best.

Shampoo smarts
Some shampoos can be harsh on the hair, especially if it's already in a fragile state. While you want a deep clean, you also don't want to further weaken your strands with any chemicals that could strip away essential oils. Elle magazine recommended trading out your current shampoo for one that is ultra gentle and nourishing. Natural oils and silk extracts are key ingredients that suggest the formula is extra moisturizing. Still, the main strategy for salvaging your hair is simply to wash it less, according to hairstylist Oscar Blandi. He told the magazine that it's important to let oil build somewhat on your scalp, or your hair may end up looking straw-like. Concerned about greasy locks? A dry shampoo is an optimal solution, as it can help to soak up excess oil in​ between showers without leaving your hair completely parched.

Conditioning commandments
An ultra-rich conditioner is your best friend when you have damaged hair. The Steiner Thirst Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner coats the hair with moisturizing shea butter extract and macadamia ternifolia seed oil. As it also contains strengthening vitamin B, it's the perfect salvation for chemically- or color-treated locks. If your hair is in particularly poor shape, Women's Health magazine suggested applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week. The Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair is infused with sunflower seed oil and camellia oil, helping strands to regain their shine and balance while eliminating frizz and tangles. As an added bonus, it coats split ends to prevent further breakage and locks in hair color at the same time.

Blandi noted that it can be effective to blow​ dry your hair somewhat with the conditioner still in and then rinse it clean, as heat can enable the conditioner to absorb into your strands more deeply.

Styling saviors
If you're a slave to your heat styling tools, you need to protect your tresses from the extreme temperatures. Whatever you do, celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson told Elle that you should never touch damp strands with a curling iron or a straightener, as you're risking some serious scorching. Steiner Gloss Mist Shine Spray acts as a force field around your locks, while also preventing pesky static and frizz when you're styling with high heat.


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