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Your holiday makeup wish list

by timetospa November 14, 2013
Your holiday makeup wish list

Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away, which really means that instead of prepping the turkey, you're currently focused on all the hottest Black Friday deals. When creating your holiday wish list this season, don't forget to think about your cosmetics bag full of dried-out products - it could use a gift or two wrapped neatly under the Christmas tree.

Need some ideas for what beauty products to ask for this year? Here are some of the hottest products and tips to cover all your gift-receiving - and giving - needs:

Eyeshadows galore
If you've been wasting time rummaging through your makeup bag for your haphazard collection of single color eyeshadow compacts, it might be time for an all-encompassing palette that includes every hue you need - and more. Some come in an array of shimmery yet universal neutrals for a more natural look, while others pack a punch in bright neons and metallics that are perfect for a night out. If you like to go back and forth between au naturel and shockingly wild, then ask for a palette that features the best of both worlds.

Luscious lips
Down to the last drops of your lipgloss and scraping the bottom of your lipstick container? Maybe it's time for a whole new lip regimen. Refresh your pout this winter with a kit that will not only give you some color, but also restore your lips so they're revitalized for the new year. The Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit features four products - a sugary lip scrub, a pout cleanser, a lip plumper and a lip balm - that will keep your pout soft and hydrated throughout the winter months. For an extra tint to your juicy lips, ask for a lipgloss with a slight hint of a shimmery coral, such as the Bliss Fabulips Glossy Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint.

Brush away
Sometimes, all you need are the basics - and there's nothing more essential than a good makeup brush. Whether you're swiping on the eyeshadow or sweeping on the bronzer, the brushes you use are the most important part of your daily beauty routine, so you better check your cosmetics bag to see what needs replacing. Ask for them individually or better yet, look for a set that includes a brush for powder, blush, foundation, eye/lip liner and eyeshadow, as well as a brow/lash comb. Some even come equipped with an antibacterial compound that combats harmful germs. 


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