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Achieving a casual evening look without the extra effort

by timetospa December 3, 2013
Achieving a casual evening look without the extra effort

Transitioning from a natural, office look to dazzling, evening-ready glamor requires some foresight, a little ingenuity and the right makeup products. The purpose of this skill, first and foremost, is to dramatically reduce the amount of time this process takes.

Keeping makeup fun instead of stressful
Typically, women will go out of their way to rush home, wash off their day faces and reapply everything, from liner to blush, with that extra touch of allure that makes evening makeup so exciting. While this may work for ladies who have time to spare, more often than not, the stress of this strategy can be enough to make scrapping entire plans easier to manage. 

However, this does not have to be the case. Let's assume that a natural look includes a primer, a medium- to full-coverage foundation that evens out the skin tone, a light layer of flesh-toned eye shadow or a soft, color-complementary smoky eye, a coat of mascara and a little tight-lining, a dusting of blush and bronzer, and a nude lip.

Simple steps for crafting the perfect evening look
To achieve the day-to-night transformation, all you really need are the same products you used before. Start with the complexion. Even everything back out with a light layer of foundation. If you used a liquid before, try speeding up the process by using a powder now, such as the Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation. This is also a great way to minimize any excess oils. 

Now that the foundation is set and ready, load a fluffy powder brush with the same blush you used earlier with a swirl-buff-tap technique to clean off the excess product. Starting at the apples of the cheeks, sweep outward toward the hairline, along the cheek bones and into the temple. For a dramatic look, apply a few layers. 

Instead of reapplying eyeliner, smudge it out a little more to start a dark smoky eye. Sweep the product up from the lash line with a smudge brush or a thinly-bound gel liner brush, and then apply a few more coats of mascara. For an added flair color, select an additional shadow to sweep through the crease of the eye that complements the fresh coat of lipstick - glossy, of course - at the very end to tie the look together.

For girls in a hurry, these quick tips will help bring a tamed day time look to a whole new level that's perfect for a casual night on the town. 


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