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How to: Soften angles and create depth with bronzer

by timetospa December 5, 2013
How to: Soften angles and create depth with bronzer

Your cheekbones are important. Every finished look should have a contour to help frame the face, emphasizing some features and transforming others. As a general rule, blush is a quick and easy way to drastically add shape and dimension to the face, but with a little bronzer and a few simple tips, you can achieve the perfect contour - and then some.

Selecting the right shade
Contouring with a bronzer requires a specific color palette. Unlike the playfulness of blush, you should be considering how the pigments in the bronzer will complement your natural skin tone. Warmer tones should match, pinks should be similar and so on. Look for products that are a half shade or more darker than your foundation. The difference shouldn't be too bold, as the goal is to cast a natural-looking shadow, not to cover anything up. Once you've found the color you'll need, it's important to know how the shape of your face will guide the application.

Understanding face shape
You are already beautiful. With that in mind, remember that bronzers can be used to help augment angles and diminish roundness, and vice versa. Start by mapping out the planes of the face. Angular faces that diminish to a point at the chin are often referred to as heart-shaped, whereas the oval - considered the ideal shape in beauty - presents few obvious lines. Sharp, square faces and more rounded features often benefit the most from a contour application as it can help soften edges and create depth. The goal, of course, is entirely up to you! There are no rights or wrongs in makeup.

With a powder bronzer, you should use a fan style angle brush for extra precision to guide the pigment into the shape you're hoping to achieve. Softer, rounded brushes will help diffuse the color across the planes of the face to prevent sharp contrasts. With a little practice and the right products, such as California Sun Glow, you can create different looks on the go with just a hint of bronzer. 

As the holiday season approaches, shimmers and radiance powders are good for highlighting a glittery eye look, but for a natural contour, you should strive to select a matte formula to keep things simple. Don't worry - shimmers can be added later with other products, if the occasion arises.


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