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Fending off winter winds with vitamin-rich products

by timetospa December 10, 2013
Fending off winter winds with vitamin-rich products

As the dry, arid weather of winter sweeps across the U.S., men and women will begin noticing subtle changes in the way their hair feels. Even the most successful hair care routine should be tweaked as the seasons change to prevent environmental factors from cramping your style.

The signs of winter hair damage
Static, dryness, weather-related damage and unmanageable hair are all aspects of the winter that are typically dealt with by applying products or heaping on the conditioner. While these might be quick fixes in the moment, it's crucial that you're balancing out the addition of product with essential vitamins and nutrients that can help solve these issues at the source - the follicle. 

Every strand of hair is comprised of different layers that resemble finger nails. The part of the hair that we see, for instance, is the cuticle. Just beneath that lies the cortex, and at the center of every strand is the medulla. These structures work together to provide us with warmth and extra protection from the elements. Additionally, the natural curvature of the medulla is what determines whether our hair is straight, curly or wavy. 

Our natural oils, produced by the scalp, help nourish and protect the follicle, which connects every strand of hair to the source. All of these things considered, every good hair product should work within these structures to ensure that the disparate parts are adequately treated. As time wears on, the cuticle takes on damage from various things, such as radical changes in temperature and constant abuse from hair care tools. When the cuticle is damaged, it begins to raise, which will transform otherwise tame styles into frizzy messes. 

Solutions for winter-damaged hair
To diminish the appearance of static and unruly hair, men and women should consider switching out their general hair care products for something a little more vitamin-rich. The Elemis Pro-Vitamin Conditioner, for instance, contains vitamins that will help repair cuticle damage, making it an essential item for colder months. Another way to fend off damage is to resist the urge to overload on products. Too much of a good thing can suffocate the strand, and it will also encourage frequent washings. 

And as always, try not wash your hair more than once every other day. Winter is hard enough on our scalps!


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