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Use blush to make holiday looks pop

by timetospa December 17, 2013
Use blush to make holiday looks pop

Holiday color accents are playful ways to ring in the new year, and with a little blush and a few different techniques, every look can transition from Christmas fun to New Years chic with just a wave of the brush. All any girl really needs is confidence and inspiration to achieve the most daring applications, so this season, why not go bold and try something new? 

Layer blush for a rosy-cheeked stain
One of the most iconic looks every winter season is the doll-faced, bright-eyed girl with red cheeks, red lips and dark eyes. Some people might fall short with this look, however, because the amount of blush that is used can seem over-the-top. To pull this look off, you should throw caution to the wind and have some fun. All you'll need are the basics - a dome-shaped, fluffy brush, the cheek pigment in a loose powder and good, equal overhead lighting that does not cast shadows across the face. 

With a finished face, including foundation, eyes, brows, concealer, red lipstick and bronzer, load the brush with the product and, starting at the apple of the cheek, sweep toward the hairline. The color should follow the natural line of the jaw and end at the temple. Depending on the density of the power, to achieve the bold holiday cheek, you might have to sweep another layer or two of blush along the same line. When you're finished, it should look as if your skin has a healthy flush that complements the red of your lips. 

Fill out your look with a natural glow
Although the rosy-cheeked look is wonderful for parties and for watching the New Year's ball drop downtown, blush doesn't always have to be so daring. Another lovely, toned-down application can fit in with anyone's makeup style. This look requires a blush that takes its pigment cues from the natural tone of your skin, such as the Colorescience Blusher Brush-Fair-Apple of My Eye, and should fall somewhere on the pink spectrum. 

With a similar technique as before, sweep the pigment over foundation using the apples of your cheeks as starting points. Rather than layering this one, however, try adding a dash of highlighter to the reflection zones - the cupid's bow, the brow line, above the blush and the bridge of the nose. When you're finished, your natural look will be suffused with a warmth that, to the untrained eye, will make it seem like your skin is aglow from the inside out. 


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