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Don't let Jack Frost get you down

by timetospa December 18, 2013
Don't let Jack Frost get you down

Now that the winter chill is upon us, it's important to keep our complexions nice and hydrated. Not only is the open air an enemy to everyone's exposed skin, seeking refuge inside, with all of that electric heat being pumped into office buildings and our own homes, isn't enough to thwart the negative effects of seasonal dryness. There are, however, a few ways that guys and gals can cozy up next to the fire without fearing the worst for their faces.

Battle the elements at night
Although day creams - formulated with an SPF, of course - are an excellent first defense against the chilly, arid air,  they often aren't enough to keep Jack Frost away from your tender faces. Fortunately, there are whole lines of night creams, gels, sleeping facials and homeopathic remedies that will fight the good fight while you're sleeping. 

Although they typically contain similar active ingredients, evening skincare products are formulated to penetrate deep inside the subcutaneous layers of the skin to send moisture where it's needed the most. Thick, luxurious night creams are also meant to be applied alone or, at most, overtop a thin layer of hydrating serum. Why? During the day, a product with that much density will leave you feeling greasy and oily, and it definitely doesn't make the best palette for makeup application. 

Additionally, our skin naturally regenerates while we're sleeping. The oldest skin cells, which is what we see and interact with, are pushed out to make room for the newest growth underneath. As time and environmental factors, such as dry air and sunlight, work against us, this rate of regeneration slows, but the cosmetics industry is putting up a fight with stem cell research. The resulting formulas work with this generative process when it's at its most active - while we're sleeping.

The Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream, for instance, contains a rich, healthy dose of hydration in every pump and has also been filled with nutrient-rich plant stem cells and a bevy of other lifting, firming ingredients. 

Use a humidifier
You know your skin the best. If you think a humidifier at night wouldn't add too much moisture to the air, this strategy is an excellent solution to solving dry air from electric heat. Use both a night cream and a humidifier at once to really magnify the results and in no time, you'll be gleefully throwing snowballs again.


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