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Understand dryness: Fix damaged hair for more shine

by timetospa January 3, 2014
Understand dryness: Fix damaged hair for more shine

Achieving a natural glow in your hair doesn't have to be a mystery anymore. Have you ever seen fashion ads that feature dizzyingly beautiful men and women whose locks look like they're on fire underneath the camera flash? Although some of that might be Photoshop magic, a majority of the satin smoothness you're seeing could be the result of a few easy styling tips.

Why isn't hair always naturally shiny?
First, let's cover a few anatomy basics. The hair shaft, which is made entirely out of keratin, has little cuticle membranes that lift up when they're distressed. This is often the cause of frizziness, a lack of luster and shine, and that dry, sharp texture you feel when you run your hands through damaged hair.

Hair serums, such as the Steiner Shine Drops Hair Serum 50ml, are typically an oil-based substance that suffuse strands of hair with extra hydration. As one of the major causes of this follicle abrasion is an absence of moisture, it's important for you to add it back in if things are feeling a little on the dry side.

Noticing the signs of dryness
Our hair, unlike our skin, is not necessarily alive. It isn't exactly dead, either, in the way that skin cells are when they're removed with exfoliation. For that reason, you won't really feel any warning signs until they're right on top of you. Make sure that when you get out of the shower, you aren't being neglectful of your locks. Inspect the tips - if they seem to be fraying at the ends, that's a sign of imminent breakage due in part to dehydration. 

Like with any skin care routine, taking care of that dry, cracking feeling after cleansing is crucial for the continued healthiness of your complexion. Similarly with hair care, try not to use artificial methods of drying it out if you suspect dryness. If blow drying cannot be avoided, make sure that you're working with the strand and not against it, drying it from the root outward in smooth, gentle strokes. This way, the cuticle of the shaft will have a better chance of lying flat and damaged hair will not break as easily. 

Now that you know what to look for, fixing any damage is relatively simple. All you need are hydrating products and a refined, diligent approach to hair management. Stick with these strategies and your hair will shine in no time!

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