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Create an ombré lip with whatever's in your purse

by timetospa January 6, 2014
Create an ombré lip with whatever's in your purse

With so many different lipsticks to choose from, it can be daunting to track down that perfect shade of red or that barely-there nude that doesn't give away too much. Now that lip products are quickly taking center stage again in the world of cosmetics, don't fret - you might have enough makeup at home to create a few looks without causing serious damage to your bank account.

A dab of highlighter goes a long way
Those lush, full lips that glisten under the camera flashes in magazines and billboards aren't the product of one tube of lipstick. Makeup artists typically spend a lot of time crafting the perfect highlight in the center of that pout so that one shade splinters into several different blends as the lipstick moves from the corner of the mouth to the center. Sometimes referred to as an ombré lip, this technique is actually pretty simple to accomplish.

If you have the following items, you're all set: a tube of red lipstick in your favorite hue, a cream or solid highlighter, a lip brush and a lip pencil that's half a shade darker than the desired ombré. 

Time to apply
It all starts with the lip pencil. With a steady hand, draw a thin outline, being careful not to drastically distort the shape. This will be the base color and will help guide the lipstick application. Starting on the outside corners, pull the lipstick toward the center, but do not fill it in all the way on the top or bottom lips. Now use a dab of the highlighter to fill in the area left naked, freely overlapping with the pigment. You're almost finished! With the lip brush, blend any uneven or abrupt lines for a soft ombré or keep the lines separated for a fiercer look. 

Alternatively, if your highlighter just isn't the right shade, you can still achieve the same effect by using a dewy, bright lip gloss that's a shade or two lighter than the lipstick. With this method, however, make sure that you're using a product with a rich enough pigment, such as the Bliss Fabulips Glossy Lip Balm - Vanilla Mint. Simply make sure the color is being blended in the order outlined above to keep the gloss from interfering with the staying power of the lipstick's formula. 


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