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Fight spots with skin care

by timetospa January 10, 2014
Fight spots with skin care

An uneven skin tone is one of the most complained-about skin care concerns, sending droves of men and women to dermatologists for expensive treatments and painful laser peels. Although hyperpigmentation is something that can come on suddenly due to a variety of environmental factors, even the most potent of beauty products will take at least 30 days to be effective.

Preventing spots with knowledge
​Although often though to be a byproduct of age or disease, dark spots and uneven skin tone can be prevented. Not everyone afflicted with these instances of hyperpigmentation are predisposed to them. If you have fair, sensitive skin, you might be naturally prone to developing a few spots here and there, but this is due largely to the way that you're taking care of your skin.

A lot has been said about the negative effects of the sun, but news aggregates typically focus on the cancer causing UVA/UVB rays and the dangers of severe sunburn. While these are certainly worth watching out for, seldom is it reported that the melanin of your skin can become compromised by brief stints of unprotected fun in the sun. If you plan to spend any amount of time outside in the daylight, you should use a moisturizer with a high SPF in your skin care regimen. The Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sunblock, for example, will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without risking premature age spots.

Use lightening ingredients to fight hyperpigmentation
​If you're taking every precaution to diminish the negative affects of the sun but you're still developing hyperpigmentation, Elle reported that it might be a natural hormonal reaction. Pregnant women, for instance, and individuals taking high dosages of birth control can develop what's called melasma. Unlike age spots, this hyperpigmentation looks like a sprawling pool of condensed melanin that can be treated by repeated use of a concentrated lightening ingredient, such as vitamin C.

As such, any beauty product that contains citric acids or can be considered a resurfacing serum will do the trick. The Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum 10ml, for instance, contains spot-fighting compounds, high doses of vitamin C and enough hydration to keep the surface of the skin moisturized while it works. Although these solutions aren't instantaneous, with continued use, you'll notice your complexion becoming more even over time.


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