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Use a color corrector to camouflage blemishes

by timetospa January 14, 2014
Use a color corrector to camouflage blemishes

When all you want is a quick way to cover a blemish or mask an imperfection, an all-over foundation might be overdoing it. At the same time, if you're hoping to achieve a flawless complexion, devoid of any marks or discolorations, your best option is to use a little bit of everything - with the right application methods. 

Before you buy an expensive set of tools and products, it's important to know how they'll be used. For instance, if you're going for the full coverage, natural look, you'll need beauty products that match your skin tone and an array of different color correcting powders to camouflage any lingering imperfections. The Colorescience Global Corrector Palette, for instance, is perfect for a range of skin tones. 

You'll also notice that most palettes like these contain shades that might seem counterproductive. For a fair complected woman, for example, a deep red color corrector wouldn't do the job of diluting the redness, but on a very dark complected individual, it works like magic. Similarly with the orange and pale yellows, but in reverse. As you play with the colors, you'll learn how they work on your own skin tone. 


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