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Exfoliate your lips for a fuller smile

by timetospa January 17, 2014
Exfoliate your lips for a fuller smile

The tissue on your lips is a little different from the rest of your body. Although it's still providing a layer of protection between you and the rest of the world, no one can deny that the sensations experienced by this part of the body are not the same. Because lips are so special, they also need a little extra maintenance to stay healthy and plump, and this includes exfoliation. 

If you're surprised by that, you aren't alone - seldom do people realize that it's even possible to scrub away excess skin from this area of the face, but the results are instantaneous. Not only will your lips appear plumper and more alive, they'll also seem cleaner and devoid of any excess dryness that may have built up over time. 

You do not want to use a typical exfoliating face wash on your lips, however. The chemicals found in those products can sometimes irritate lips, leaving them worse for the wear. Instead, try Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. With a little bit of this on the tip of your finger, smooth it onto the lips for about 30 seconds and then wash it off. You can rock this look alone or with an accompanying lip product, such as a gloss or a lip treatment, to really lock in the effects.


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