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Bring the spa home to defeat stress

by timetospa January 17, 2014
Bring the spa home to defeat stress

Letting stress build up is a side-effect of living in a world where few people have a chance to take care of themselves. Your well-being, however, is something you should strive to maintain whenever you can. There are little tricks you can learn to claim spare time for yourself, such as choosing to take a bath at night instead of a shower in the morning or using the last few minutes before bedtime to practice ten minutes of meditation. 

Whether you decide to increase the luxury in your life with a good soak or clear your mind before sleep, make sure you're doing it consistently. There's nothing worse than developing a routine that begins working only to have it be derailed by a lack of consistency. For most people, this is why stress occurs - an absence of structure prevents individuals from maintaining healthy habits, and, as previously noted, stress is a slippery slope that can lead to high blood pressure, fatigue and so on.

If you aren't a believer, give aromatherapy a try. The Mandara Spa Honeymilk Dream Honey Bath will let you combine a long bath with the healing powers of meditation, just by dropping a spoonful of this product in the hot water. When you find beauty products that work, keep ‚Äčthem up to derive the best results.


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