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Don't let winter's dryness get you down

by timetospa January 20, 2014
Don't let winter's dryness get you down

As the frequent snow falls that are symptomatic of winter continue to linger over much of the U.S., your skin is likely starting to show signs of dryness. Red, splotchy areas that itch and don't seem to fade with consistent applications of lotion might be caused by our attempts to beat the cold with artificial heat. If this isn't the problem, it may be something you're doing to stave off the chilly outdoors, such as wearing heavy wools or thick cottons that rub against the skin. 

Whatever the case may be, the winter is certainly a time to consider adjusting your skincare routine. For example, rather than hopping out of the shower and throwing on the warmest robe you can find, allow your skin a chance to acclimate itself to the temperature change by slowly reducing the heat of the water.

The slow transition from warm to cool will help your skin match the temperature of the air, reducing its urge to fight against the cold with a shivering reflex, which can lead to tense or sore muscles. If you're finding that the arid quality of the artificial heating from artificial heating is causing your skin to dry out, try the Elemis Spa At Home Frangipani Monoi Body Oil to help your body naturally retain moisture. 


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